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Stinger     Emitters: Optimal Performance Across the Nanoflow Regime (5-1000 nL/min)



Shown: 10 µm i.d.

Fabricated using a proprietary chemical etching process, our nanospray emitters provide unprecedented performance.

Key features

  • No clog-prone internal taper, providing uninterrupted operation

    • >100 LC-MS analyses performed with a single emitter

    • Taper-free chemically etched emitters have been found to last 4x longer on average than pulled silica emitters

  • Outstanding spray stability and robustness

  • Rigorously inspected prior to packaging


Spray performance 1.jpg

Unprecedented flow stability across a wide range of flow rates. Scans below were obtained using a 10-µm-i.d. emitter.

Spray performance 2.jpg
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